Pregnancy Care


The care provided by Dr. Alahakoon will include:

  • First visit and management plan
  • Ongoing antenatal visits during the pregnancy
  • Management of the pregnancy according to the requirements of your pregnancy
  • Being on call 24 hours a day for the duration of your pregnancy
  • Delivery of your baby any time day or night – this includes normal delivery, instrumental delivery and caesarean section as necessary
  • Postnatal care while at the hospital 
  • Post natal visit at 6 weeks after delivery

During your care by Dr. Indika Alahakoon, you will meet Margaret Hudson and Lynne Pearson, her trusted midwives, who will facilitate the care provided. They have more than 20 years’ experience in caring for women during pregnancy and labour, and are available to answer your queries on pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period from a midwifery perspective. 

For all obstetric bookings and ultrasound appointments call Norwest Private Hospital Specialist Rooms on 02 9836 3558  or book using the Registration for Pregnancy Care” form.

You will be required to bring a referral from your General Practitioner. A referral form can be downloaded from the “Contact US” page for the convenience of your doctor.

Please contact the Norwest Private Hospital rooms on 02 9836 3558 for enquiries regarding the costs associated with private obstetric care. 

Initial consultation is rebated in part by Medicare, while subsequent consultations and blood tests are bulk billed. Out of pocket expenses apply for the management fees, and you will be informed of these costs at the first visit. Delivery fees are covered through Gap Cover arrangements with most health funds. Overseas visitors who are in a private health fund, but have no Medicare card, may receive a rebate from the fund.

Dr. Indika Alahakoon prefers your pregnancy ultrasounds to be performed at her Norwest Specialist Rooms or at the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound, Westmead to ensure highest quality of care and expertise. She has organised for you to receive a CD, where all your baby’s images, including 3D/4D pictures can be recorded during the pregnancy.

As an ultrasound specialist, Dr. Alahakoon also provides formal ultrasound scans for her patients as well as patients of other consultants. Three formal ultrasounds will be performed during your pregnancy – Nuchal translucency scan, a Fetal morphology scan and a Third trimester growth scan. These ultrasounds will be charged separately to the obstetric services. If these ultrasounds are performed at either The Centre for Women’s Ultrasound, Westmead or Dr. Alahakoon’s private rooms at Norwest Hospital, any further ultrasounds required and performed during the pregnancy at Norwest Rooms will be bulk billed for Dr. Alahakoon’s patients.

If possible, ask your GP to provide you with referrals for the Nuchal Translucency Scan and the Fetal Morphology Scan, which are generally an essential part of the care provided for most pregnancies.

If Dr. Alahakoon is unavailable at any stage of your pregnancy, including delivery, she will inform you as soon as possible, and will organise another Consultant Obstetrician to look after you during that time. The documented fees include this cover, and there will be no extra charge.

Please advise our midwives Margaret or Lynne, of your choice of hospital at your first visit, in order for the relevant paperwork to be organised. You have a choice between Westmead Private Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital and The Westmead Hospital. Dr. Alahakoon is happy to help you in making this decision, if you are unsure about your choice of hospital. 

If you have any concerns, you can contact our secretaries Tammy or Vanessa on week days at Norwest Private Hospital Rooms on 02 9836 3558, or Westmead rooms on 02 9687 5555. For a non-urgent enquiry, you can also email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For urgent matters and obstetric emergencies, please contact the Maternity Unit of the hospital, where you plan to have your baby. They will advise you and contact Dr. Alahakoon regarding your concerns.


The Westmead Hospital

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Westmead Private Hospital

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Norwest Private Hospital

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